People of Horsefly's Past I-Q

Indian Families - Alphonse, Bates, Billy
Indian, Charles - AJP
Indian, Michael - AJP
Irwin, Catherine - Taught 1936-1937
Jacobson Bros. - Sawmill in Beaver Valley - Trapline (Einar, John M.) 1923-1973 - Wife of John; Edna?
Jenner, Jim - Horsefly Cemetery, pre-empt
Jones, Frank and Roy (Bros) - Roy taught 1912, lived up Black Creek, Ida was Frank's wife, she was a mid-wife from New Brunswick. - Frank - in horsefly Cemetery (1884-1975). - Ida - in Cemetery (1884-1969) - Fred, son of ?, Horsefly Cemetery (1921-1962)
Jefferson, Hermans - AJP. - Trapline South of Beaver Lake 1937-1959 with W. Beaty, S. Nicol, T. Jefferson
Kinvig, Eddie and Mabel (nee Wiggins) - Operated Freight and Trucking Service to Willimas Alke in the 1930's
Kroupa, Madeleine (nee Niquidet) & Frank - Lived on Flat up 108 Mile Road
Kennedy, Francis - Teacher circa 1923 - Health Nut - School Picnics
Kuchan, George - Lived at old mine site (Erickson's) - Ha done of the first telephones
Kirsten, Dorothy - School Teacher late 30's
Kuntz, Max - From Germany - AJP - LDR 1929 in 1909 Moffat Creek.
Kroener, Jack, Otto and Mary - Otto in Horsefly Cemetery - LDR 3782 in 1950 Black Creek Valley
Kohut, William - LDR lot 169 - Horsefly Mine
King, Ted - came from England a sailor and soldier preempted lot S. 1/2 719 in 1920 trapped joined I.D.E. Co. in 1918 moved to Beaver Valley 1920-1921; bought Tommy Petterson Place worked for Public Works; lived at 150 Mile moved back to Horsefly lived with Boswell great gardener preempt.
LaPierre, Joe - Miner lived at Meiss Hotel
Lucas, Alphonzo - Mogul Mine
Loveridge, William E. (Bill) - Born 1884 his father was an engineer in Likely; then became Superintendent at Bullion Mine for Hobson Bill worked at Likely, at Dawson began placer mining in 1914 in Horsefly formed I.D.E. Co.; dammed Harper's Lake disaster closed it in 1919 married Hael Walters in 1916 died.
Lowry, Robert O. (Bob) & Rose - from Idaho AJP he died from Grippe Harper's Lease Cemetery. - James (Jim) - Horsefly Cemetery; died 1941
Lamberth, Harry & Mary; Helen - Harry a School Trustee
Lane, Mary - Taught school 1934-1936; September to December 1937.
Lee, - 4 children in school 1913
Lignum, - Bought O.K. Sawmill closed mill
Loborg, Emil & Family - AJP from Seattle bought property from Bells (1910/1911) sold to Ford's
Lou, Ray - Horsefly Cemetery
Larson, Esther - taught school 1927-1930 married Ben Gruhs Jr. in 19??
Miner, Bill - trapper 90 years preempted Miner Meadow; 17 mile S. of Horsefly; lot ?? In 1??? also along Horsefly Bay Road; lot ?? In ???? trapped east and south of Quesnel Lake sold trapline to Bob Dewees.
Meek, Berdilla - Curly Flenner?
Meiss, Alex & Matilda (nee Gaspard) - preempt lot 348 in 1896 butcher from Victoria she came in 1898 built Hotel and additions drove stage for mail in 1908-1910/1911 M.O.P.; first School Trustee owned first car in Horsefly in 1910 built first bridge in 1912 she kept stopping house during the Depression and cared for old people he kept sheep and turkeys; had a bear cub she died in 1942; he died in 1928 both buried Catholic Cemetery.
Myers, Fred - from U.S. arrived early 1900's filed for land at Hobson's Dam; lot ?? trapped Upper Horsefly River area AJP 1915 worked on roads.
Merchant, E. - AJP
Moore, Annie - married Albert Patenaude; Moore, C.A. & W.J. - AJP
Mikkelson, Tom & Minnie; John, Claus, Pete - Tom, Minnie and Claus lived in Beaver Valley lot 8257 in 1915 and S. 1/2 8259 in 1925 BL 'B' of 8260 in 1952 - Clause - preempted lot N. 1/2 8259 in 1924 and BL 'A' of 8260 in 1941 had several traplines shared a trapline with brother John in McIntosh Lake area 1914-1956 (brother 1936-1942) trapline between McCauley and L.G. George 1923-1958 - John - homesteaded up 108 Road; lot ?? sold to Clair Ford, Dogherty operated a sawmill.
Mellmus, - AJP
Mart, Tommy - Freighter
Murray, John Lewis - from Nova Scotia preempt lot 1501 in 1902; West bank of horsefly River rancher buried in Harper's Lease Cemetery.
Mykol, Rebecca (nee Youngker) - Hazel Gibbons grandmother buried Catholic Cemetery
McDougal, Captain & Agnes (nee Campbell)
McDougal, Gretta - married John Parminter
MacEachern, Romeo - came from eastern Canada helped Meiss, bent build 1st bridge across the Horsefly River married Mrs. Minne Thygassen (nee Sample) preemptions N 1/2 lot 3760, lot 1502 in 1899 B.C. Directory of 1898 lists him as a baker.
MacEachern, D.T. - 
MacEachern, - Jim - 
McCallum, John, Donald, Will - brothers - Don married Ida Patenaude.
McCallum, Danny - No relation to McCallum brothers mined during 1880's - 90's in Horsefly Harper's Lease Cemetery.
McAuley, James - LDR lot 505 in 1897; Beaver Creek; abandoned 1904 sold to Kennedy's.
MacQuarrie, - ran store with ? For about 3 years, circa 1916-1921 married a Mrs. Morrison daughter Effie Louise.
McMasters, Paul - 
MacKenzie, William A. - LDR 2564 in 1915, with G.B. Fraser. - Ken - Fraser & Mac. - Woodjam A.J.P.
McKay, James - Government agent.
MacLeod, Dan - drowned in the Horsefly River Harpers Lease Cemetery.
McIntosh, Alexander George - LDR lot 336 in 1893; SW Swawk Lake LDR lot 338 in 1893; Halfway House S. of McIntosh Lake.
McInnes, J.J. - LDR lot 397 in 1893; Beady Creek lot 398 in 1892. - A.P. - LDR lots 395and 396 in 1889 & 1891; Beady Creek, 9 mile Beaver Lake.
McDonald, Ian - A.J.P. - A.C. - Horsefly Cemetery. - Frank - Horsefly Cemtery 1908-1967.
McCally, George - A.J.P. McCally & Taylor.
McGee, Jim - Trapper stayed at Meiss Hotel.
McKinnon, Dr. - United Church Minister in Williams Lake.
McCrae, John - managed Walters Hotel in 1902 with Fitzgerald LDR 863 in 1906; 1 mile E. of Quesnelle Dam.
Nicol, Alex and Meg - Children; Alex, Bunty, Annie, Kathleen and Shelly Arrived in 1913 to work for McKenzie on Wood Jam Moved to Lakeview Ranch on Robert Lake - Pre-empt lot 720 in 1918 Lot 726 in 1914; Beaver Valley.
Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. - AJP.
Niquidet, - George stage line from Mabel Kinvig late 1946 Joined by Louis in 1947 Madeleine married Frank Kroupa lived up 108 Mile on flat.
Ogden, Percy - Fur Buyer.
Oak, Ernest - Lived up 108 Mile Road.
Olson, Gunner - Horsefly Cemetery (1892-1961).
Patenaude, J.P. and Catherine /Maria - came west in 1891, settled at 150 Mile House worked for V & P also postmaster farmed and grew wheat at 150 moved to Horsefly bought Woodjam from Louie Henry in 189? lot 339 Woodjam lot s.1/2 503 in 1909 bought store built first part of Corner House was Justice of the Peace postmaster mailrun. - Albert - came West before 1890; Vancouver; Robertson's Store at Clinton; arrived in Horsefly in ???? ranched on Woodjam BC Directory 1901-1902; Rancher and Stock Raiser preempt lot 340 in 189? lot N.1/2 503 in 1910; Horsefly lot 2567 in 1914; Black Creek helped in store postmaster lived in LaFlemme House lived in Corner House married Annie Moore. - Ernest - BC Directory 1901-1902; Miller AJP married Jeanne Bryson. - Bryson - Ernest's son married Rena Chandler they operated Bluebird Inn he guided. - Ida - married Ed McCallum, 1 son. She died shortly afterwards. Child was raised at Woodjam. - Hope - Telegraph operator here then moved to Soda Creek? then to 150 Mile House married Katie Rose.
Parminter, John - Outfitter and Guide Married Gretta McDougall (Gretta taught 1918-1919). Lived at Corner House. 8 children. Now live at Quesnel.
Pegues, Hooper A. - Married Erma Cessford, Lived at Corner House. 2 sons, Bob and Joe. Came from Georgia, Chicago. Lot 1925 in 1915 (first cancelled).
Parker, William - Mountain House (158 Mile). 'Parker's Place'. LDR 170 in 1896, North Shore Big Lake. LDR 462 in 1902, North Shore Big Lake. LDR 461 in 1906, North Shore Big Lake.
Pickard, Martha - Visitor to Horsefly, in photographs, engaged for a while to Bill Boswell.
Petterson, Tommy - came in 189? from Norway, pre-empted land in Beaver Valley, sold to Adams, moved to Horsefly, bought land from A.B. Camp, built house adjoining Niquidet property 1902. Born in 1858. AJP 1915.
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