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History is an exciting discovery into our past. A record of past events and experiences. Listed below are suggested Activities and Web Resources you can use with your curriculum for your Students. This is information has been made available by Kathy Farkas, a teacher at the Horsefly Elementary-Junior Secondary School.

Suggested Activities

  1. Family Tree
    Do a family tree on one of the local historical persons
    Do a family tree on your own family

  2. Timeline
    Create a timeline

  3. Writing
    Write journal entries or a diary as one of the local historical persons
    Write letters to relatives, loved ones, or business partners discussing local events
    Write newspaper stories that discuss any of the events. Write the story as if it was happening during the correct time period.

  4. Identifying
    Use a BC or Regional Map and locate /label significant places and information

  5. Additional Research
    Research additional Gold Rush Events. eg: Cariboo Gold Rush, Barkerville, Cariboo Gold Rush Trail, Roadhouses.

Web Resources

Community of Wells, BC Website

Education Division of Mining Association of British Columbia (MABC)

Lesson Plan Search

BC Ministry of Education - K-12 Curriculum and Learning Resources
(appendix is a good place to start)

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