M-Y Ranch

Pioneer Interview
M-Y Ranch
by Kriss

The pioneer of this ranch was Bernard Gruhs. In 1910 he came here from Lewiston, Idaho on horseback looking for a farm, then someone gave him advice to go to Horsefly. When he came he brought his wife Margaret and his sons Ben and Charlie, and daughter Agnes. He earned his living by carpentry and farming. The family traveled by wagon. The children got to school by cart in summer and sled in winter. The things the family did together were haying, gardening, and fencing. For fun the family fished. On the farm the family had a house and three barns. The animals the family had were sheep, a milk cow, and some horses. The crop was hay. Clearing land was mostly by hand but oxes and horses were used. They planted by hand and harvested by mowers pulled by horses and a rake. Relatives still in the area are daughter Agnes, grandson Ernest, and great grandson Jacob and great granddaughter Rachel.

Some interesting and funny anecdotes - by Kriss

One day Ernest's dad's older brother John, came home from World War I. He bought a Model "T" ford car convertible. The shed he kept it in, its roof was too low and they had to take the roof down to put it in. His brother Ben put the roof up in the shed. John got in the car and took off, leaving the roof behind.

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