Melvin and Minnie Hazel Gibbons

Pioneer Interview
Melvin (Bud) and Minnie Hazel Gibbons
by Melanie S. Webb

Melvin (Bud) Gibbons was born in Brandon, Manitoba in 1904. He was one of twelve children born to James (born 1865) in Renferd, Ont. and Lila of Watford Ont. (born 1876).

Minnie Hazel Gibbons was born at China Cabin in Horsefly B.C. in 1896. She was the first white girl born in Horsefly. Hazel was one of eight children of Henry and Alva Walters. Alva was born at Lincoln County Nebraska in 1876 and Henry was the first white child born north of Yale, at 80 Mile House in 1865. Hazel's parents, Henry and Alva owned the Walters' Ranch in Horsefly. A good large ranch of about 800 acres. It was said they grew the best Timothy hay in the Cariboo.

In 1918 Henry Walters died and his son Lloyd ran the ranch until he also died in 1944. It changed hands about three times before Gilbert Walters bought the ranch. Gilbert and Anne Walters still own the "Walters' Ranch".

Bud Gibbons left Brandon, Manitoba in 1927 and headed for BC to hopefully find a better way of life. He felt he had no future in Manitoba working from 4:30 am till 7:00 pm daily. Crops were poor and his family only made $640.00 per year.

He landed in Winfield, B.C. and worked in the orchards for 75 an hour. Bud came up hunting with friends to the Cariboo, liked the looks of the country and decided to stay.
He traveled in a model T Ford Truck, lived in Rose Lake for a year and put up hay till he went broke.

In 1942 Bud married Minnie Hazel Loveridge. She had three sons by a previous marriage to William Loveridge: Merwin, Albert, and Bryan. Merwin and Albert joined the war shortly after the marriage and Bryan the youngest stayed at home. Bud earned his living by trapping with his partner Stan Barrett. He also guided and hunted moose, deer, grizzly bear, black bear.

In 1942 the Gibbons bought Campbell's Store and ran this grocery store for about 6 years. 
It became too much for Hazel so Hazel became the assist. post mistress and later post mistress of Horsefly. The Gibbons family traveled to Williams Lake once a year on stage truck for supplies. They brought back barrels of flour, sugar, beans, rice, etc.

In 1952 Bud and Hazel had two heifer cows, now they have a herd of 50 head. The Gibbons Ranch (Brand 1X1) is lot 503, 28 acres main ranch place. It consists of one log home, 2 hay barns and four machine shred-mill cabins (8'x14'). Lot 8335 directly across the river is 180 acres. They also owned 134 acres five miles down the Horsefly River at the falls. Bud and his brother Clare are partners on the two larger acres. Hazel and her three sons own the 28 acres.

Hazel has lived in the house 50 years and Bud 42 years. Clare helped Bud with ranching and haying till he broke his hip, recently but he's getting better. 

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