Hazel (nee Walters) Gibbons

Hazel (nee Walters) Gibbons was born on July 19, 1896, the first of eight children of Harry and Alva Walters. She was the first white child born in Horsefly. A locket of gold mined at the Horsefly Hydraulic Mining Co. was presented to Hazel by J.B Hobson, Manager, and the men employed there, as a memento. It was inscribed "Presented to Minnie Hazel Walters, first white child born in Horsefly, B.C., July 19, 1896, by her well-wishers."

Hazel married Bill Loveridge in 1916. She remarried to Jack Carson. In 1942 she was then remarried to Bud Gibbons. 

She had three sons by her previous marriage to William Loveridge: Merwin, Albert, and Bryan. Merwin and Albert joined the war shortly after the marriage and Bryan the youngest stayed at home. 

In 1942 the Gibbons bought Campbell's Store and ran this grocery store for about 6 years. It became too much for Hazel so Hazel became the assistant post mistress and later post mistress of Horsefly.


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